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“Life” The Theme of Sunday Chapel — Dr. John Owen Speaks in Chapel — Forecast of Basket Ball Prospects — Revival Radiograms — Upland Revival Closes With Great Harvest — Eminent Cartoonist Coming to Taylor — Opper’s Return to India Delayed — Professor Goes to His Reward — Volunteer Convention At Taylor — Gospel Team Work — Cheer Up — Appreciation — Threnody of a Hostess — Hear the Jazz — Library Anouncement — Alumni News — Eulogs Discuss Inter-Denominal Cooperation — “I Did Not Raise My Boy to Be A Soldier” — At The Volunteers — With The Bible Classes — Soangetahas Hold “Associate Night” — Personals — Friends Church Notes — M. E. Church Notes — Private Business — Taylor Calendar — Jokes

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Taylor University


Upland, IN






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The Echo: January 29, 1926

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