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Philos Present Unique Program — Women’s Preachers’ Assembly In Session — Taylor Forensic Society Formed — Dr. Ayres Leads Chapel Monday — Taylor Graduate Forester of Arkansas — Wolverines Start Activities — Student Body Asks For New Year’s Holiday — The Prayer Band — Inter-Club Debaters Choose Question — Inter-Collegiate Debaters Chosen — $ub$cription $hekel$ Welcome — Eurekas Have Get-Together — Thalos Hold Mask Hallowe’en Party — The Department of Education Visits Hartford Schools — Soangetahas Debate Interesting Question — “We Asked For Brea and they Gave Us A Stone” — My Mild Desire — Back The Debaters — Hit And Miss — Notice — Open Forum Discussion — Taylor’s Need of An Athletic Field — What Is It All? — The Inquiring Reporter — Kidnapped! — Did You Know That- — Wells Lead Prayer Meeting — Eurekas New Plan Tried — We Beg Your Pardon — Rev. Bichler Gives Illustrated Lecture — Senior Class Enjoys Taffy Pull — Sport Briefs — All Spice — Badger Boosters Entertained At Taylor Home — Hill and Fuller Win Debate — Coming Our Day to be Wednesday — Home Was Never Like This — Gymnasium Progressing Consistently — World News For Busy Students — Taylor To Debate Depauw

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The Echo: November 5, 1926



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