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Mario Capelli In Concert Here On December 3 – Journalism Class Has Unusual Lesson – Eulogonians Hold Extemporaneous Debate – Eureka Debating Club – Story of “Ali Baba” Presented by Philos – Ackerman Has Unfortunate Accident in Illinois – Chorus Boys Fete Girls – Melvin J. Hill Moves to Buffalo – Unique Office in Ad Building – Freshman Dinner Held on Thursday – Dr. Paul Conducts Successful Campaign – Dr. and Mrs. Wray Celebrate Wedding Anniversary – National College Press Hears Professor Pogue – Local Convention Held at Taylor By Missionaries – Talents – Etiquette – Literary Sidelights – Yes, It’s A Funny World – Seeing Faith – Wisconsin Professor Upholds Certain Incorrect English – Inquiring Reporter – The New Arrival – On Our Campus – Bits of Wisdom – Hey! Hey! – Chapel Notes – Glimpses of Chicago – Men’s Ministerial Meeting – Holiness League Hears Convention Report –Gamma Epsilon – Prayer Meeting – Soangetaha Debating Club – Mnanka Debating Club – The Music Box – The “Little Toadstool” – Prayer Band – Alumni News – Sports – Health an Essential To Success – C H O K E S – Debating Club Basketball Series Gets Under Way – Foul Bawl!

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The Echo: November 21, 1928

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