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Men’s Affirmative Win Before Home Audience – North Central Gym Goes Up In Smoke – College Senior Leads Prayer Service – Negative Defeats Terre Haute – Gold and Silver Medals Won In Music Contest – Eurekas Specialize in Extemp Speaking – COMING! – Musical Burlesque Will Be Given By Arion Club – The Nation’s Chief and Assistants – Geo. Edie Expresses His Appreciation – Thalonian Society Presents Taylor University Male Quartet – The 1929-30 Officers of the Indiana State Volunteer Union – Taylor Alumnus Dies on Mission Field – Mrs. Churchill Receives Informal Shower – Taylor Student Elected to Head State Volunteers – President of C. E. I. Visits Among Us – T. U. Orchestra To Play For Banquet – The Examination Attitude – Literary Notes – True Service – The Missionary – Inquiring Reporter – News From India – Hit And Miss From Here And There – In Chapel This Week – EXTRA!! EXTRA!! – “It’s Expensive” Says Dr. Vennard – Mathematics Class Experiment With Laws Of Chance – The Music Box – Music and The College Student – Music Department Utilizes Our Splendid Organ – WANTED – Who’s Hoover? – Should A Five-Day Labor Week Be Adopted – Eulogonians to Adopt New Constitution – Athletics – Volley Ball Game Saturday Night – A Bright Idea – Foul Bawl! – Inter-Society Basket Ball Summarized – Laugh And Be Happy – The Soul-Winner’s Prayer

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The Echo: March 6, 1929

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