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Special Rush Day Edition

Rev. H. C. Cornuelle Brings Message on Matriculation Day – Herbert Ayres Is New Junior Prexy – The Administration Building – Prof. Is Optimistic Over Chorus Work – Which Are You? – Juniors Present Campus Rules – Dr. Calkins Brings Challenging Message – Taylor Professor Has Renaissance Relic Collection – Dean Howard Brings Message In Chapel – Editorial – College Vespers – Ecclesiastic Music – Triumphant Certitude – Knick-Knacks – Alumni – The Dilettante Corner – Philalethean Standard– “What Men Live By” Is Presentation of Philo Drama Group – Intellectual Aspect Given Consideration – Foundaton Prexy Analyzes Groups – Editor of Standard Expresses Patriotism – Philo President Extends Welcome – Philos Have Half Century History – The Lover of Truth Has Discrimination – Philo Graduates See Philaletheans An Ideal Society – Traditional Party Enjoyed by Philos – Thalonian Review – “Know Thyself” Philosophy of Thalonians – Society Makes Literary Programs – Editorially Speaking – Thalonian History Reveals Progress – Thalonian Song – Thalo Prexy Greets New Students – Thalo Emblem – Gem Editor Proud To Be Thalo – Bright Thalonian Future Predicted – Hallowe’en Frolic – Testimonials of True Thalo Spirit – Echo Editor Is Member of Thalos – Thalos Welcome You! – Dr. J. Charbonnier Leader of Weekly Prayer Service – Chapel – Swallow-Robin Dormitory – Miss Ethel Foust Leads Prayer Hour Thursday Evening – Freshmen Elect Holmes President – Sport Page – New Men Gain Baseball Win – Last Minute News – Maytag Gymnasium – T Club – Taylor Basketball Schedule – Weaver Elected “T” Club Prexy

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The Echo: October 5, 1934

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