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Taylathon Starts Today – Taylor Students Endure Statler fire – Morning Star Tour Underway – Free University Program This Fall – Slaughter Named Assistant Director – Doles to Study in Israel – Subfest Coming to Taylor – Security Apprends Juvenile in Larseny – Dr. Rediger Share – Reflections on Life… and Administration – Letters to the Editor – Susan Shank – Supreme Court boosts pro-life movement – Space shuttle airborne again – President given emotional greeting – Court takes jurisdiction of children – Clean-water rules held to congress – MGM Buys Land for New Casino – Prosecutor says senator lined his pockets – Benefits head sees long-term fix – Investigators go back to Georgia – Defense completes ABSCAM case – Actor gets life in prison – United Way donations a record – New bills eye food stamp fraud – Schools near financial deadline – Reagan walks with limp – Manpower shortage hit NRC – Sands given last rites again – Time Switch Improves Ratings – Policeman Linked to Nazis – Hotel Fire Kills Woman – Chancellor Receives Letter – Helms Explains State Department Hiring Delays – Soldier Held Suspect in Buffalo – Food being sent to Poland – Israelis hit Syrian helicopters – Flesh peddling uncovered – Jetliner crashes – No nuclear weapons for Pakistan? – Takeover plot foiled – Refugees arrive in Hong Kong – Ten executed in Iran – Oil surplus could disappear – Gas explosion rips apartment – Former Beatle weds – Israelis launch air strikes – Afghans demonstrate at embassy – Kamikaze workers used in cleanup – Sunshine follows snow in Britain – Food price hike likely – Giscard wins endorsement – Taylor Places 6th, Treckman Wins 5,000 – Trojanes Lose on Tie – Trojanes Win Seven – Trojans Split With Bluffton Play Anderson and Defiance in Key Contests – 1981 Trojan Stats

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The Echo: May 1, 1981