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On-Campus Student Employment Policy Stated – Jacobsen Given Award – AAES Meetings Held at Taylor – Sala Selected Vice-President for Activities – Adkinson, Distinguished Professor 1980-81 – Moody Selected V.P. for Services – Press Services Board Appointments Made – New Senate Meets – Banquet Honors the Ruegseggers – Class Gift Given – College Students Aided in Establishing Credit – T.S.O. Completes Approval Process – S.A.C. Coordinators Named – Millions in Scholarships But No Takers – Parnassus Now Available – Commencement Program – Police Storm Plan Hijacker Surrenders -- $10 Million Suit Filed in Case of Thawed Bodies – 12 bodies to be exhumed; link to other deaths sought – Mayors say Cities Threatened – Reduced Imports may Boost U.S. Prices – Boston schools get reprieve from court – Soviets Stop for May Day – Political Groups Demonstrate – Planes Go by, Airport Shelled – Chinese Honor May Day – General Released From Jail – Soviets retake second city – Reporter detained, forced from Guatemala – Cambodian leaders win rubber-stamp election – Salvadoran guerrillas blocking roads – Syrian-Israeli crisis still unresolved – Irish rock guitarist abducted – Quake rattles Pakistan, India – Floods destroy villages, farms – Bodies found under collapsed tank – Angry water company turns off taps – Deaf mute charged in ax attack – Byrd says he’ll vote for budget – 3,000 in Raleigh support ERA – Damages awarded for lease – Paternity suit filed against 14-year-old – Clean allergy room filled with filth – Radioactive material released – Japanese may pay Kuwait premium – Fowler passes Senate committee test – FTC orders Ward warranties – Farm groups disagree on estate tax – Judge dismantles cross-district busing – Man pleads guilty to freeway killing – Top music honors go to Mandrell, Jones – Freshmen Win Taylathon, Seniors Win Competition for the Year – Taylathon 1981 – Trojanes Surge Ahead to Little State – Trojans Drop Crucial Games to Defiance – Trojan Track Third in HBCC – Taylor Recruits Forward – Golf Team Fifth in HBCC – Trojanes Defend State Title – Intramural Report – Swallow wins – Last Issue of The Echo – Music and the Christian – WTUC May Top 30 – The Miracle Worker: A Review – Three Seniors Reflect On Taylor

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The Echo: May 8, 1981