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Open to Reason is a comparison of the roles of reason, experience, imagination, intuition, faith, love, humility, and obedience in mathematics and religion.



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Taylor University Press


Upland, IN


Mathematics, Religion; George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, Elton Trueblood, Christianity


Education | Higher Education | Mathematics | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


Preface Excerpt

"All aspects of human experience should be open to reason. Reason has a role to play in religion as well as in mathematics and science. Reason's role in religion has been greatly underrated by some and vastly overrated by others. The consequences of each error may be great. Those who underrate its contribution may be limiting their understanding of religion, perhaps getting out of touch with the truth, and certainly hindering their influence with those who refuse to turn off their minds when considering religion. Those who overrate its role usually do so because they really do not understand its role in mathematics and science. These people may eventually even give up on religion altogether because of demanding an unreasonable standard of proof resulting from their misunderstanding of mathematics and science. For these reasons, I want to share my conclusions as a professor of mathematics about the role of reason. These conclusions, although tentative, are the result of many years of study and prayer; and my hope is that this sharing of them will contribute to a continuing process of understanding the role of reason in religion.

Open to Reason