This collection is dedicated to Daryl Yost, Senior Vice-President of Taylor University. As scholar, mentor, and friend, Dr. Yost has beena steadfast supporter of the Lewis and Friends Committee.

Editor's Acknowledgments
Lewis and Friends committee members who helped in all phases of the colloquium include Daryl Yost, Bill Ringenberg, Thom Satterlee, Dave Neuhouser, Dan Bowell, Jennifer ROdeheaver, and Pam Jordan, Chair.

Thanks to Tenley Horner and Jan King for secretarial help; Steve Christensen for the colloquium logo; Nick Corduan for technical assistance, and Anderson Bindery for printing.

Special thanks to Kathryn McConnell, Ph.D. of Point Loma Nazarene University for judging the undergraduate writing contest, and to Rachel Kellogg for layout and editorial assistance.

And deep appreciation yet again to Jay Kesler, Ron and Mary Calkins, Ed Brown, Dan Hamilton, and the Borens for their faithful support, moral and otherwise.

Rick Hill
Editor and Program Chair

All essays copyright 2001 by the individual authors