Woody Wendling


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition is a touring exhibit of scenes, props, and costumes from the first two Narnia movies. The Exhibition has appeared in science museums throughout the United States. It is natural to link Narnia and science, as C.S. Lewis also write science fiction (the Ransom space trilogy) and critiqued scientism. The Exhibition begins with Lewis artifacts on loan from the Marion E. Wade Center. The awe-inspiring experience of entering Narnia through the wardrobe is surely the highlight in The Exhibition. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (LWW) section features the wardrobe and the witch, but not the lion. The LWW section gives prominence to Jadis’s deep magic, but completely omits the deeper magic of Aslan’s death (on Edmund’s behalf) and resurrection. Narnia: The Exhibition catches C.S. Lewis’s environmental vision, but misses his supernatural vision. It captures Lewis’s ecology, but leaves out his theology.