It is my contention that when C.S. Lewis wrote his non-fiction book The Four Loves and published it in 1960, he had not been thinking about love in all of its manifestations for just a short time before it was written. All of the fictional works he wrote over the years, beginning in at least 1938, reflect his definitions and descriptions of the various kinds of love and their perversions that he systematically describes so well in The Four Loves. He does this in his fiction through his various characters and their actions.

Specifically, in Out of the Silent Planet (1938), Perelandra, (1943), That Hideous Strength (1945), The Screwtape Letters(1942), The Great Divorce (1945), and Till We Have Faces (1956), Lewis demonstrates each kind of love he discusses in The Four Loves.

For the 2012 Colloquium, I would like to focus on Till We Have Faces in order to reveal the ways C.S. Lewis shows the reader the four kinds of love and their perversions instead of just defining and discussing the kinds of love as he does in The Four Loves.