Richard James


In 1999, I presented a paper here at this colloquium on the secular print media's response to the 1998 C.S. Lewis Centenary Celebration. In 2014, it seems only natural to do a similar paper on the secular media's coverage of the 50th anniversary of Lewis's death which also included the dedication in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey of a memorial stone in his honor. The number of articles again abound, even more than in 1998. This second paper will consider articles by syndicated literary, news and religious columnists from secular newspapers and periodicals; internet postings by public TV and secular cable news websites; print, audio and video coverage by the BBC; plus, one article posted on Aljazeera and another one that is a large multi-color section in a Delaware newspaper. My handout will incorporate all of the internet addresses of these, plus a listing of articles that I will not have time to review in my presentation.