Robert Trexler


The proposed presentation would describe the origins and development of the first C.S. Lewis Society, formed in New York City in 1969. Along with detailing the society's growth over a period of 45 years, the talk will recount highlights from many "Lewis Weekends" held beginning in 1977, and the prominent speakers we have been honored to invite, including Own Barfield, Walter Hooper, Christopher Derrick, Cardinal Avery Dulles, Paul Holmer, Peter Kreeft, William Griffin, Christopher Mitchell, Louis Markos, Michael Ward, Charlie Star, and Will Vaus (among others!). The talk will also mention changes in the Society's publication, The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society, and suggest ways for attendees to participate in our Society which includes subscribing members from all 50 United States and every continent in the world. The presentation would conclude with personal reflections on what factors help make a literary group or reading club successful.