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Fall 2020


The 1940’s was a pivotal time for Americans during the rise of World War II and around the world. Americans could not catch a break, after World War I and the permeating effects of the Great Depression, the outbreak of a second world war left young Americans tired. During this time, the people relied on newspaper publications to stay up to date with the happenings across the world, in the country, and locally. Taylor University, a small Christian college in rural Indiana, struggled to feel the impact of world events on their campus. Taylor’s location in and of itself added to the separation from war efforts beyond American borders. It would the job of Taylor University’s newspaper to help keep students updated and aware. Throughout the 1940’s, Taylor chooses to inform their students and reflect upon ways they can integrate these hard times with their faith, trusting in God to get them through the war and beyond.


HED550, Dr. Skip Trudeau