All Taylor mathematics majors are encouraged to either pursue an internship or a directed research experience (or both!). Most of our scholarship happens in the summer, when students attend NSF-funded research experiences at other institutions, or Taylor's own Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Scholarship program. The mathematics department believes deeply in the value of student research: students see themselves becoming scholars and professionals in their field, they learn new ways think about mathematics together with others, and they learn new ways to learn. Whether a student pursues graduate school, teaching, or industry, their vocation is enriched by this experience. Taylor students also do excellent work in these projects, as exemplified by this collection.


Submissions from 2023


Numerical Range of Strictly Triangular Matrices Over Finite Fields, Ariel Russell

Submissions from 2022


Normality Properties of Composition Matricies, Hallie Kaiser, Katy O'Malley, and Grace Weeks

Submissions from 2021


Spectra of Weighted Composition Operators with Quadratic Symbols, Derek Thompson, Jessica Doctor, Timothy Hodges, Alexander McFarland, and Scott Kaschner

Submissions from 2017


Complex Symmetry of Truncated Composition Operators, Ruth Jansen and Rebecca K. Rousseau