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Spring 2024


Archery presented a dilemma for the knights and nobility of the Medieval Ages: it effectively dispatched one’s enemy from a distance without the need for hand-to-hand combat, but this very effectiveness made those in the higher classes reluctant to accept its use. Arrows or crossbow bolts could penetrate the expensive armor of knights and were a particular danger to horses, the symbol of knights’ social and military superiority; furthermore, knights or nobles could be killed by a common archer with no chance to retaliate. In light of this context, this poster provides an overview of the three main types of bows used in medieval Britain (the simple bow, crossbow, and longbow) and discusses a timeline of the longbow as well as common equipment that was used to practice archery.

Course: ENG 412, Medieval Literature (Dr. Aaron Housholder)

Harvey-Hannah-ENG412-1-paper.pdf (62 kB)
Paper on the evolution of archery in Medieval Britain


archery, medieval, Britain, simple bow, crossbow, longbow