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Spring 2024


This poster and accompanying paper provide a glimpse into the history and architecture of Windsor Castle. A general timeline of construction is explored, as are examples of dominant architectural styles that comprise the Castle, including Gothic, Georgian, and Victorian design. The paper notes that Windsor Castle was extremely important in its medieval context; its location was chosen because of its proximity to the River Thames (a popular route into London in the Middle Ages) and to Windsor Forest, a royal hunting preserve that the Saxon kings had used. Today, the Castle is still in use by the royal family; it is also an enormously popular tourist destination. The paper and poster conclude by discussing some of the highlights of visiting Windsor Castle.

Course: ENG 412, Medieval Literature (Dr. Aaron Housholder)

Harvey-Hannah-ENG412-2-paper.pdf (65 kB)
Paper on Windsor Castle


Windsor Castle, Georgian architecture, Victorian architecture, Gothic architecture