A collection of sermons by Milo Rediger

Dr. Milo A. Rediger was Taylor through and through. He graduated from Taylor in 1939 and, after obtaining both Master’s and Doctorate degrees, returned as the Dean of the University and, eventually, president. As scholar, teacher, mentor and administrator, he advanced the growth and welfare of the University through more than four decades of devoted service.

He served as an excellent role model for the Taylor community by dedicating himself to his family, Grant County, and, most importantly, to Jesus Christ. He was constantly striving for mature faith through study and preaching, and his strong belief in personal salvation was clear.

In 1988, Rediger was laid to rest in Jefferson Cemetery near Upland. One look at his legacy and it’s clear he embodied the Taylor mission and gave his life completely to the Lord.

Historical Context Statement
The Ringenberg Archives & Special Collections of Taylor University makes a variety of historical materials publicly available to the Taylor community, scholarly researchers, and the general public. Some of these materials may include content (e.g., images, negative stereotypes, language) that viewers find objectionable for a variety of reasons. It is important for viewers to consider the time period and historical context in which the materials were created when consulting historical materials.

Resources exist to aid viewers in contextualizing historical materials (e.g., a list of questions to consider when putting sources into historical context from the University of Minnesota).


Manuscripts (Unpublished)


A Biblical Perspective on the Role of Women in the Church, Milo A. Rediger


Brief Introduction to Numbers and Deuteronomy; Conclusion on Leviticus, Milo A. Rediger


Deuteronomy, Milo A. Rediger


Exodus (1st lecture): Review of Joseph and Introduction to Exodus, Milo A. Rediger


Exodus (3rd lecture): Plagues, Milo A. Rediger


Exodus (4th lecture): Passover, Milo A. Rediger