New Worlds: Senior Engineering Project | User Tracking Subsystem


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Spring 2022


The Senior Engineering Project for the Class of 2022 at Taylor University is a physical walking environment for virtual reality (VR). This project was dubbed New Worlds because of the dream of allowing users to immerse themselves in unexperienced environments without leaving the comfort of home. The current prototype allows the user to walk along a single axis in the virtual space, while gently keeping the user constrained within a couple meters of space. The user walks on two independently controlled platforms (or 'footpucks'), which track the user’s feet, stay underneath them, and simulate the ground surface. The User Tracking (UT) subsystem covered in these slides includes the development and implementation of the foot/body tracking systems, as well as the corresponding calibration and final results.


Engineering Project Symposium, Senior Project (ENP 493, Senior Capstone), Dr. Peter Staritz

Streaming video and slide deck from presentation included.

Additional Contributors: Gabe Wehrle, Kaylee Bozarth, Rose Gardner, Addy Johnson, John Pugsley, Noah Michel, Teegan Heineger, Evan Anderson, Calvin Ochs, Colton Urbanski

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