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The Fall 1974 edition of Taylor Magazine, published by Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.





Publication Date

Fall 1974


Taylor University




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Education | Higher Education


Will Cleveland ’49 Editor

Debbie (Seamands) Mostad (’74) Class News Editor

In this Issue:

T.W.O. by Donita Cline, Pam Harris, Garth Culver, Dan J. Olsen, Virginia Taylor, Laurel Carlson, Joe Moravec

What’s Happening? T

he Use and Misuse of the Bible by the Reverend William J. Hill, Director of Student Ministries

Being and Becoming by Jenny Wysong, Pam (Ritchie) Roesch, Jeanine Flaherty, Virginia Taylor, Nanette Kennedy, Shelle Martin, Martin Snyder, Lorie Granitz

Austrian Alpine Adventure (Travel ad)

Hall of Fame

Without Mother: A Test of Courage by Betty Drook Shutt C-T Staff Writer - Reprinted from Chronicle-Tribune, Marion, October 13, 1974

The Humbanes

Class News

Do You Have WIll Power? (Giving ad)

Taylor University Magazine (Fall 1974)