Number 12 (2013)


Dear Readers:

Welcome to a new issue of Growth: The Journal of the Association for Christians in Student Development. We are excited to introduce the resources in this issue. We trust that the articles and book reviews will be relevant and will enhance our professional understanding and improve our practice as Christians in Student Development. You may notice the journal’s size, layout and design have been expanded and updated. We hope you enjoy these changes and that the contents will continue to serve you and those with whom you work.

In this issue you will find four research articles, addressing gender assumptions at Christian colleges, how evangelical gender expectations compare nationally, the work-life balance of women, and undocumented students. This issue is further enhanced by a compilation of eight book reviews of recent works which are relevant to our practice, and one research essay. We trust that you will enjoy and benefit from this review of available resources.

We especially want to encourage you, the reader, to consider submitting manuscripts for the next issue of Growth, to be published in the spring of 2014. Publication guidelines are included on the inside of the back cover. We are particularly interested in manuscripts presenting original or basic research and encourage anyone who has recently completed a graduate thesis or dissertation to submit an article.

Thank you for your valued partnership in Christian higher education.

Skip Trudeau, Co-Editor
Tim Herrmann, Co-Editor

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Gender Dynamics at a Christian Liberal Arts College
Edee M. Schulze, Anne Becvar, Patricia Hansen, and Dayna Taylor

Book Reviews


The Heart of Higher Education
John Delony and Sheila Delony


Skip Trudeau
Tim Herrmann

Book Review Editor

Jason Morris

Assistant Editor

David Chizum

Technical Editor

Polly Graham

Peer Reviewers

Jeff Aupperle
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David Chizum
Polly Graham
David Restrick
Hannah Schundler
Natalie Sego
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