Number 2 (2002)


Dear Readers:

We are very excited to be able to bring you the second issue of Growth: The Journal of The Association for Christians in Student Development. The theme for this issue is "Community on the Christian College Campus".

This issue is presented in three sections. The first is dedicated to the theme and consists of three articles that focus on aspects of community on our campuses. The second section includes four pieces including a response written to an article in the last issue of Growth. The inclusion of this response is an effort to encourage ongoing discussion and reflection upon theme topics. As articles in this issue spark thoughts and questions please consider formalizing them and submitting them for consideration by all. The second item in this section is a transcript of an address given by a former Christian college president on the role and expectations of senior student affairs officers. Rounding out this section are two basic research articles dealing with the incorporation of principles of learning theory and the job satisfaction of student affairs professionals respectively. The third section consists of three book reviews.

We want to thank several individuals for their assistance in putting this issue together. Special thanks go to Norris Friesen and Ginny Carpenter for their work on the Editorial Board, to Sharon Givler for her service as Copy Editor, to Steve Christensen for his service as Layout and Design Editor, and to the twenty plus individuals who served as peer reviewers of manuscripts submitted this year. Without their assistance this publication would not have been possible.

Finally, we want to encourage you, the reader, to think about submitting manuscripts for consideration for the next issue of Growth, which will be published in the spring of 2003. We are particularly interested in receiving manuscripts presenting original or basic research. We particularly want to encourage anyone who has recently completed a graduate thesis or dissertation to submit an article based on such work. The theme for the next issue will be "Faith Development of Christian College Students." If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, please refer to the publication policy and submission guidelines found at the end of this edition or contact us and we will send you the pertinent information.

Thank you for your support for Growth: The Journal of the Association for Christians in Student Development. We trust that you will enjoy and be stretched by what you find in these pages..

Skip Trudeau, Co-Editor
Tim Herrmann, Co-Editor

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Community and Technology
Skip Trudeau and Andre Broquard

Response to Article

Book Reviews


Skip Trudeau
Tim Herrmann
Editorial Board Member
Norris Friesen
Editorial Board Member
Ginny Carpenter

Production and Design

Layout, Design, and Publication
Steve Christensen
Copy Editing
Sharon Givler

Peer Review Panel

Carolyn Arthur, Bethel College, IN
Denise Bakerink, Houghton College
Steve Beers, John Brown University
Bob Crow, Calvin College
Jim Feriera, Bethel College, MN
Dave Guthrie, Geneva College
Lori Holtmann, Taylor University
Barry Loy, Gordon College
Tim Nichols, Houghton College
Edee Schulze, Wheaton College
Dennis Sheridan, Azusa Pacific University
David Tilley, Houghton College
Cynthia Wells-Lilly, Messiah College
Roger Wessel, Ball State University
John Witte, Calvin College