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Christmas Light, Life, Love

Freshman wait all night to register for courses – New shop sells records and gifts – Vespers to be led by Sims – Group to share Christ in Bronx – Students in math lab present geoboards to Eastbrook school – Draft inovations provide opportunities for appeal – Union to present award-winning film – Editorial page – Ponder Christmas – U.S. rides military seesaw – Guest column – Is it time for a change? – Sweeping cobwebs – Love means sharing – Few juniors plan practicum studies – White Christmas? – Professors retreat – Faculty to evaluate courses – Students react to campus Christmas spirit – Bible studies will replace Monday Inter-term chapels – IVMF to sponsor prayer study series – Signs of Christmas – Taylor student assumes role of behavioral deviant – Old Brick House offers informal dining, good food – What’s happening? – Voice of the people – National commentary – Bicycle boom encourages businessmen – City transit problems eased as more bike fans appear – Wheels’ key: responsibility and safety – Taylor matmen prepare for quadrangular tourney – Area entertainment – Trojan cagers record triple game victory – Campus crier – Student loans – Ringdowns

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Education | Higher Education

The Echo: December 10, 1971

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