“Encompassed” was inspired by a Taylor Bulletin, the “Edify” pamphlet for the Memorial Prayer Chapel, an Echo from May of 1919, and the Tapestry yearbook. Throughout each of these pieces, there were the recurring themes of prayer, community, and continual growth for the university. The hands covering a space in my work represent a community that is diverse yet comes together, and a space that exists only between out prayer and communal living. This space could be the world, which would be fitting as the mission of Taylor has been and continues to be to prepare individuals for world service. The space could also be viewed as an individual of the community being covered in prayer through the laying on of hands, as prayer is an essential part of the university. In leaving the space undefined, the view can create their own meaning within the piece that they are viewing. There are children’s hands and older hands that are coming together to represent Taylor community and intentionally continuing through generations. I thought about the growth of the university that is still developing when incorporating the hand that is reaching and has not yet joined the group.