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Summer 2021


“Looking from Yesterday” is the title of Dr. Milo A. Rediger’s 1970 address about the importance of Christian higher education during times of uncertainty and volatility. In this address, Rediger references the “Taylor concept,” which included symbols of oil (light) and the cross as a hopeful sign to the world. Despite its delivery more than 50 years ago, the theme of Rediger’s address still rings true today as we continue to seek to fulfill the mission of Taylor University during our own challenging times. This year (2021-22), Taylor University will recognize its founding 175 years ago. This research project will both complement and enhance the commemoration and celebration efforts by the University. It focuses specifically on the exploration and in-depth study of many resources in the Ringenberg Archives & Special Collections for the purposes of communicating Taylor’s rich history and heritage in both traditional and new ways to the Taylor community, our alumni and friends, and the world. A variety of platforms will be leveraged to share our research and discoveries, including public-facing displays and exhibits in the Zondervan Library, use of social media and web content, and, potentially, in-person interactive learning events. This project will intentionally focus on providing fresh perspectives on well-known topics as well as increasing awareness of lesser-known historical events and people throughout Taylor’s history.


Faculty Sponsor: Ashley Chu, MLS

Department: Ringenberg Archives & Special Collections