The senior capstone project is the culmination of four semesters of in-depth design work, analysis, and prototyping. All seniors work together in teams to complete a single, large-scale design challenge that has been carefully selected to solve a real-world problem, meet the interests of participants and faculty, and meet the educational objectives of the course. Students are expected to have completed a functional prototype, have performed initial testing, and be prepared to discuss where this project might go in the future.


Submissions from 2022

New Worlds Senior Engineering Project, Evan Anderson

New Worlds Project User Tracking Subsystem, Kaylee Bozarth

New Worlds Virtual Reality System, Teegan Heiniger

New Worlds Virtual Reality, Addison Johnson

New Worlds: Gateway to Virtual Reality, Noah Michel

New Worlds: Senior Engineering Project, John Pugsley

New Worlds: Senior Engineering Project | User Tracking Subsystem, Andrew Scherer

New Worlds | Computer System Integration, Colton Urbanski