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"The icy peaks of Mount Parnassus stand high above the gulf of Itea in Phocis, Greece. Overlooking Delphi and a sea of silvery-green olive trees, Mount Parnassus is famed as the haunt of Apollo and the Muses of Greek mythology. The Ancient Greeks regarded the mountain as sacred. Two spots were especially important to their worship--the oracle of Delphi and the fountain of Castalia. The fountain was thought to be a source of divine inspiration in mythological goddess of poetry, music, and the other liberal arts. Just as the Muses of Mount Parnassus served as a source of inspiration to the ancient Greeks, we hope that this Parnassus, with the products of artistic endeavor which it contains, will inspire other student writers in the years to come."

-Susan Shank for the editors, Parnassus 1980


Abigail Franklin
Katherine Bodkin
Hannah EJ Crowe
Jason John
Jenna King
Annie Meldrum
Mitch Renbarger
Kharis Rutherford
Cara Young
Mer Fenton
Cover Artist
Quinn Miles
Dr. Aaron Housholder


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